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    Junior High Schools in Bogor City Enliven Kaulinan Urang Lembur Festival


    BOGOR CITY-A total of 15 representatives of Junior High Schools of Bogor City follow Kaulinan Urang Lembur Festival in junior high school level. Festival held by the Department of Culture Tourism and Creative Economy (Disbudparekraf) Bogor City in Heulang Tanah Sareal Field Bogor City, Monday (12/19/2016).

    Activities that are organized for the 4th time was officially opened by Assistant of Economic Development and Community Welfare of Bogor City Government Erna Hernawati.

    Erna said that in the era of globalization, many children and students already swept the times in versatile technology. Thus, culture becomes ancestral past, are now beginning to wear off and abandoned by the majority of children in Indonesia, particularly in the city of Bogor.

    Thus, continued Erna, the City Government of Bogor through Disbudparekraf is seeking to revive the kind of game or kaulinan urang lembur to students in the city of Bogor. The goal is they always remember the first game that is always played by their parents when they were kid.

    "The traditional game, such as stilts, Kelom Batok, rifle capture and others, reminds me a when I was kid. Because the game is always done with friends in the hometown. Not only that, the game also teaches us to cultivate a sense of mutual cooperation and improving internal cohesion, "he said.

    Erna hopes that through this activity, the children do not only know kaulinan urang lembur but could play and preserve it so that the more widely known by the public, especially younger children generations. Similarly, in practice hopefully it is increasing the quality and number of participants continues to grow. (Tria / Sigit-eto).

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