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    Deddy Mizwar is Father of West Java Arts & Culture Community


    BANDUNG-Indonesia Original Record (ORI) named Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar as the "Father of Arts and Culture Community in West Java Province". Chairman of Children of Nations Achievement Indonesia Original Record foundation (ORI), Agung Elvianto, said ORI make certificates for Vice Governor who is also known by the nickname "General Naga Bonar", for his dedication to support various Arts and Culture community activities in the province of West Java. Symbolically, Deddy also get an appreciation a ORI hat that has particularly made for him.

    The coronation was conducted in Riau Street Festival, or "Riau Street Festival", entitled "Food, Fashion, Unique, Natural" held by West Java Provincial Government, through the Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) of West Java province, on Sunday (18/12) ,

    Related to the festival, the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that West Java is rich in art and culture products, which is a strength or a potential tourist attraction. This is evident, from the arrival of people in different ages, backgrounds, and various regions in Indonesia for visiting West Java, to be able to enjoy the culinary, fashion and cultural arts of West Java.

    Therefore, continued Deddy, the "Riau Street Festival" which invites people to love and be proud of the tradition wealth of West Java, could become a regular agenda. According to him, the Festival is held along the Riau street, Bandung, which represent about 89 communities activist Sundanese tradition art and culture, as well as dozens of booths culinary serves a variety of unique culinary of West Java, it is also expected to foster the talent of art and culture, preservation of traditions, so as to before more can foster an interest for local tourists, and internationally.

    "West Java is rich in art and culture, as well as many types of culinary that we can enjoy, this is a strength for West Java, it is necessary to promote more of our potential," said Deddy Mizwar.

    "Every week Bandung is jammed, apologize every weekend Bandung is solid as many (tourists) who want to taste the culinary and chase our fashion product," he added.

    Similar Deddy, Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province Ida Hernida say, through this Festival activities held, her side wants to introduce tradition art and culinary of West Java, to foster a love and a sense of pride in the community for the arts and traditions of West Java.

    Ida added that the activities of this festival will be entered into the Indonesia record books by Indonesia Original Records (ORI), which used the institution of RHR record that was recorded also in a world record.

    In addition to note a record for cooking West Java typical culinary and attractions of West Java art and culture appearance, Tourism and Culture Department will also give appreciation to the Sundanese pop singer Nining Meida that has spawned 100 album songs.

    "In an effort to conserve traditional arts and culinary of West Java, Tourism and Culture Department of West Java Province in collaboration with Petra's Production held a special event" riau street festival ", an activity that will be combined with a variety of interesting events such as dances that exist in West Java , cultural percussion performances, artistic traditions, karinding, tarawangsa, fashion carnival, and record Indonesia Original record (ORI) and RHR (a world record). This event is a blend of tradition and modern art, which is expected to be a tourist attraction, "said Ida.

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