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    Consumer Credit is Flagship of BJB Bank


    MANADO-Director of Consumer Bank BJB Fermiyanti said that the disbursement credit of bjb bank every year continue to experience growth. Next year will even grow between 14-15%.

    "We will keep credit expansion next year, especially for the retail consumer credit," he said in a Media Gathering bjb bank in Manado, North Sulawesi, on Friday (16/12).

    He said that in consumer credit ratings will still occupy the credit disbursement from the bank bjb, especially among civil servants and teachers. Then both are commercial loans for infrastructure.

    "We still distribute micro credit and mortgage but with strict selection to keep Non Performing Loan (NPL)," he said.

    Managing Director bjb bank said consumer loans for civil servants remains a priority for their change of mindset. Where PNS borrow funds to open a new business, such as house rent, motorcycles rent or small stalls.

    "No consumer, but the loan can be productive, so there is no interruption in paying back the loans. The loan funds they can continue to roll, "he concluded. jo

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