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    Bocimi Toll is Traffic Solution for Bogor Cianjur Sukabumi


    SUKABUMI-transportation facilities and infrastructure becomes very important to support the development of regional economy. Therefore, the construction of highway linking the Bogor-Sukabumi-Cianjur-Bandung became something important to be realized.

    To support this, It is implement joint declaration to promote the accelerated development of highway corridor Bogor-Sukabumi-Cianjur-Bandung in Horison Hotel Sukabumi City, Thursday (15/12).

    In addition, the construction of this highway should also be done as a solution to overcome the traffic that is always happen in the usual path that passes connecting these four areas.

    Congestion often occurs in the path of Cianjur-Bogor because the number of tourists in the peak area. Cianjur-Sukabumi and Bogor-Sukabumi also frequent traffic jams with many built factories in the region. Bandung-Cianjur also frequent traffic jams due to the winding roads in the area Padalarang & Cipatat.

    Mayor of Sukabumi, Muraz Mohamad, in his speech said that regional autonomy has several weaknesses, including the emergence of regionalism ego and also the difficulty of coordination made between regions. While the development problems is increasingly complex, so that it should be good cooperation between the regions to support the integration of development.

    West Java provincial government has sought to tackle congestion. One solution that has been implemented is the construction of the loop line in Cianjur and circular path Sukabumi in which is still under construction today.

    BOCIMI toll road (Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi) can be a perfect solution, given cikampek-palimanan (CIPALI) toll road construction can also be a solution to break the bottleneck in the northern coasts.

    "The potential in the middle lane of West Java is very big. Do not let the congestion that always happens, economic growth becomes stunted and investment rates decline," said Muraz.

    In his speech, the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, said that In 2013 the provincial road has a length of 2191 km, with feasibility level above 97%. With the addition of provincial roads, the current increased to 2360 km with the feasibility level of 98% in 2016, and will reach 98.25% in 2017.

    "Bocimi toll road has become one of the strategic development plan, and also to support the realization Ciletuh National Geopark," said Demiz.

    Currently the construction of toll bocimi will enter the second stage, Padalarang Ciranjang path, which is scheduled to begin in 2018-2023 with a length of about 33km. One problem that has always hampered the development in West Java this is a problem of spatial changes.

    "It is expected that the highway corridor development plan Bogor-Sukabumi, Cianjur and Bandung can be immediately implemented in accordance with the plan, and all the problems that accompany development can be resolved," he said.

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