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    Governor Invites Teacher Work Towards a Better Generation


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan stated, the term of teacher as unsung hero had to be abandoned because the demands of dynamics development puts teacher as a hero of civilisation development.

    "Therefore, let us work more tangible in the professional education and quality for nation," governor said in a written speech read by the Secretary of West Java Province, H. Iwa Karniwa in Commemoration of National Teacher's Day at Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Wednesday (25/11).

    Teachers as an source of exemplary and their ability to build up motivation. It refers to good sentence said good actions of a student comes from the inspiration of a teacher, and it is more important than all memorising and knowledge gained during the school.

    The ability to form character of the students through learning is able to present a noble personality and also superior knowledge and skills which is an integral part of professional duty. This ability only possessed by a few people who are talented, eager and capable of educating, teaching and training. And this all ability be possessed by a teacher.

    “Happy teacher’s day for those who carry out this noble task on preparing our young generation towards a better future,” he said.

    On the occasion, Governor on behalf of the Government of West Java Province congratulated teachers in West Java who reached achievement in the national level, namely Tantan Sutandi, junior high school teacher in Ciamis (champion in mathematics) and Eris Rustandi, high school teacher in Sukabumi (champion in biology), Irfan Maulana, teachers in Tasikmalaya regency, (champion in science), Kusnandar from Bogor City (champion in mathematics field), and Bagus, high school teacher from Depok (chemical champions).

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