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    Si Bayu Saves Mother and Baby in Indramayu


    INDRAMAYU-persistently high maternal mortality rate (MMR) and infant mortality rate (IMR) in Indramayu make all parties should remain committed to push the pace. Indramayu regency launched Si Bayu a movement to Save Mothers and Babies Indramayu which took place in Indramayu Hall, Thursday (15/12/2016).

    Indramayu regency has a high number of births, which is about 60,000 deliveries during the period 2015-2016. The number of those deliveries at risk of high mortality rates as well. To that end Indramayu regency made health as a priority in its development.

    To support these efforts, ongoing initiatives by continuously meeting held between the Department of Health, with regency and kuwua to support the rescue of mothers and newborns.

    Vice Regent Indramayu H. Supendi explained, Si Bayu is a continuation of the Expanding Maternal and Neonatal Survival (EMAS) program which is carried out with full assistance in 8 PONED health centers and 3 Hospitals (RS PMC, MA Sentot Hospital, Hospital of Indramayu).

    "During the 1.5 years of the EMAS program implemented, Indramayu has reached the standard of clinical performance and significant references. Average clinical performance in hospitals increased from 22% in 2015 to 65% in 2016. Similarly, the average of health center performance that shows the performance improvement of 14% to 86% in 2016 "he said.

    H. Supendi added, EMAS program and now Si Bayu in the application is also targeting on improvement quality of referral patient through the use of Indramayu Mother and Child Referral Information System (Si Irma Ayu) which has been launched by Regent Indramayu in May 2015 ago.

    To continue pressing the infant and maternal mortality, Indramayu Regency Government has also established the Madani Dharma Mother dan Child Society Forum (FMM DHIBA) in June 2015 which is a combination of 15 social organizations spread across eight districts and 62 villages.

    "The forum is tasked to educate pregnant women in the neighborhood, there were already as many as 1,878 high-risk pregnant women has been accompanied by a member of this forum," he said.

    In signing the declaration was given the support of the participants in the program. It also granted the award to the mentors who have worked up and simulated referral program to save the mother and baby starting from the health center to the hospital. DENI SANJAYA / Regional Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol Indramayu

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