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    Awards For Public Information Openness


    BANDUNG-Information Commission of West Java Province has been monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Law on Public Information Openness (KIP) to local government regency / city in West Java, involving 23 of the regency / city. Stages of the evaluation is done through the verification process of monitoring and evaluations conducted by the Information Commissioner team of West Java Province.

    From the results of the evaluation and monitoring it is obtained the rating, namely: for the category of Completeness establishment and support of Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID): Ranked first: City Government of Bogor and Depok. Ranked second: Bogor Regency. Third place: Karawang Regency Government.

    Category of completeness of the standard preparation of public information services: first rank: Government of Bandung. second rank: Bandung Regency government. Third Ranj: Cimahi Government. Category completeness of information that must be provided and made public, the first rank: Government of Bandung regency. second rank: Government of Bandung. Third place: Bogor Regency. Category completeness of information that must be provided at all times, first rank: Depok City Government. In second place: Bogor City Government. Third place: Bogor Regency.

    Category of completeness of public information service standards and availability of information that must be provided at all times in the assistance PPID (BAPPEDA), the first rank: Bappeda of Bekasi City and second rank, Bappeda of Bandung regency.

    Then, the regency / city ranking based on the Implementation of Complete Public information Disclosure. First rank: Depok City Government. Second Rank: Government of Bandung Regency. Third place: Government of Bandung. Fourth place: the city of Bogor and the fifth: Bekasi City Government.

    The Information Commission award was conducted by Head of Communications and Informatics of West Java province, Anton Gustoni on behalf of the Governor of West Java, accompanied by Chairman of the Information Committee, Dan Satriana.

    Governor in his speech read by West Java Head of Communications and Informatics argued, "West Java Provincial Government is committed to make transparency as requirements in its use should be appropriate and benefits". This is in accordance with the purpose of Act No. 14 of 2008 on Openness of Public Information, where public information disclosure is meant to "encourage participation and improve people's active participation in the public policy making process. With the transparency that we have built together, it is expected that active community participation continues to grow gradually to realize effective, efficient and accountable regional administration.

    I reaffirm the commitment of West Java Provincial Government to support the program from the Information Commission of West Java Province which make the results of monitoring and evaluation as a reference for the development program of the Regional Government. Insha Allah gradually West Java Provincial Government can be an example of other public agency in terms of transparency and accountability, said the Governor.

    West Java Provincial Government will increase the guidance and supervision to the implementation of government affairs that is undertaken by the City/ Regency Government included in encouraging the implementation of public information disclosure as one of the principles of governance, the Governor added.

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