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    Rosan P. Roeslani Being Chairman of Kadin 2015-2020


    BANDUNG - National Conference (Munas) VII of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) has set Rosan P. Roeslani as Chairman of Kadin Indonesia for the period 2015-2020. The election of chairman of Kadin was held at The Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, (24/11/2015).

    Rosan elected through voting by acquisition reached 102 votes, while Rahmat Gobel get 27 votes, according to the total vote as much as 129 votes. Acquisition is coming from the 34 of Provincial Kadin which is each represented by three votes and 30 votes from representatives of business associations members of Kadin. Supposedly the total vote was 132, but a representative of West Kalimantan only attended by two people and representatives of GP Pharmacy was absent for one vote.

    Previously, Rosan victory already predictable. This is evident from the results of the trial public view, where 26 of Provincial Kadin expressed support for Rosan P. Roeslani, although purpose of the general view is not to determine of election direction.

    Prior to voting, the two candidates, Rosan P. Roeslani and Rachmat Gobel had a meeting provided by the committee to conduct consultations in order to determine the position of chairman. Chairperson, Bambang Soesatyo gave scores session for 30 minutes to process it, and finally decided deliberation and consensus is reached conducting the election by voting.

    The voting runs safely and smoothly. Bambang Soesatyo call one by one voter to take the ballot. At the time of counting, all ballots read by Ivan Batubara.

    In the trial exposure of vision-mission, Rosan promised to make Kadin be first and foremost choice representing employers. He promised to change the approach to policy makers so that participate actively in the nation's progress.

    Rosan promised to choose a board that could be a role model for members. He will do the consolidation and strengthening of Kadin Indonesia, provincial and municipal districts, so that it can become an equal partner of the government.

    Rosan P. Roeslani is one of the top nationwide entrepreneurs. His name has also been globalised, especially when he became one of Indonesia representative who acquired renowned football club, namely Internazionale Milan.

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