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    90% Village Budget in West Java Has Absorbed


    BANDUNG-Aid Village Fund of government for 5,312 villages in West Java as at December 8, 2016 has absorbed 90%. In fact the whole villages in the district of Kuningan, Cirebon, West Bandung, Pangandaran have absorbed 100%. This was stated by Director General of Development and Rural Community Empowerment Ministry of Rural, Rural Development and Transmigration Ahmad Erani Yustika, when socializing policy development and empowerment of rural communities to Government of West Java province and regency / city government, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday ( 12.14.2016).

    To Top performance in West Java village fund absorption, the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar revealed, the allocation of funds in the village of 5,312 villages in West Java until now has reached Rp 3.56 trillion. With the realization of them for physical development by 93%, community empowerment 5.54%, 0.3% villages government organization and community development 0.23%.

    "West Java provincial government has a strong commitment to advancement of the village even before by the Law of the village," said the Vice Governor.

    Some of the efforts made by the provincial government for the construction of the Village, among others:
    1. Strengthening the Village Government, carried out through a strategy; Increased capacity Apparatus village with the training program and the village head, motor vehicle assistance, development aid office of the village head. Strengthening Rural finance, with special financial assistance program performance and infrastructure, public financial aid and assistance programs. The setting and guidance through the preparation of the grand design of the village and encourage District / City Regional Regulation of the village completes.
    2. Village Community Empowerment is done through a strategy; Increased capacity of civil society with the village board training program LPM, PKK, KPM, Kader Posyandu, support facilities and infrastructure of the village social institutions as well as awards for the achievements of community institutions Village. Assistance, through the assistance of management and business assistance to SMEs. Grant, in the form of financial grants program as a stimulant in the development of civil society activities and encouraged to help solve local problems.

    Also according to the Vice Governor, in accelerating the pace of development and empowerment of the village, the provincial government has developed the concept of building a movement through the village of West Java Golden Village Program.

    "It is by combining the capacity building program of government and community empowerment village, to develop entrepreneurial spirit, to use information technology as well as elevate the values of togetherness, familiarity and mutual cooperation for the establishment of an independent rural communities, resilient, dignified and prosperous," he said.

    As directives from the central government requiring the Village assistants, that needs assistants for 5,312 villages in West Java should reach 2,930 people. But this time will be met as many as 1,866 people or 1,064 people still lack a companion. With details; experts, which are located in the district of its quota of 112 people, existing at this time 102 people, so about 10 experts. Companion Village Empowerment, which are located in the district quota of 750 people, 742 existing today, so less than 8 assistants. Furthermore Infrastructure Engineering Companion Village in the district quota of 538 people, existing at this time 57 people, so less 481 facilitators. Last Fasilitator quota in the village of 1530 people, 965 people existing at this time, so the lack of 565 facilitators.

    "So the amount needed available 2,930 1,866, 1,064 people still lack. Presumably the lack of this village companion could be a concern to be met by ranks of the Internal Ministry, "said Vice Governor.

    On that occasion, Ahmad Erani Yustika expressed gratitude for the achievements of West Java. Especially since in the district of Kuningan, Cirebon, West Bandung and Pangandaran now the village fund is 100% absorbed.

    He is optimsitic, until the end of this year in West Java village funds could reach 97%. "I am optimistic until the end of 2016, West Java can penetrate 97%," he said.

    Ahmad Erani Yustika said, since two years ago, the Ministry of Rural, Rural Development and Transmigration continuously socialize all regulations and knowledge that must be owned the entire village officials. So he hopes local governments can accelerate training for village officials that the funds absorbed with maximum Village.

    "We hope that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Government speed up the training for the village," he said.

    He said the total aid budget Village in 2016 reached Rp 46 trillion. For the year 2017 the budget will increase to Rp 60 trillion.

    "In 2017 the village funds will still be given two stages, in March 60% and 40% in August, so the companion must ensure that Village Owned Enterprises or BUMDes," he hoped.

    Even thought, in 2018 President Jokowi had promised that the village fund to reach Rp 120 trillion.

    "So every village will receive Rp 1.5 billion," he said.

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