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    West Java Provincial Government Appreciates The Use of E-LHKPN


    BANDUNG-Governor on the occasion of opening the LHKPN Evaluation Coordination Meeting explained that "the provincial government appreciates the efforts of the Commission through socialization of Commission Regulation No. 07 Year 2016 regarding the procedure How to Register Announcement and State Officials Wealth Investigation and Reports via E-LHKPN.

    It thus stated by Governor while opening LHKPN Evaluation and Coordination Meeting and Socialization of Commission Regulation No.7 of 2016, Wednesday (14/12) in Grand Royal Panghegar Ballroom Bandung.

    Governor expressed gratitude, because state officials in the scope of West Java Provincial Government has complied with the obligation to submit the wealth of state officials report (LHKPN). From 131 who are obliged to report, then there are two people of echelon II officials who have not reported and 3 people more. So the provincial government of West Java has reached 96, 18% of state officials have reported their wealth, said the Governor.

    Described by the governor, that there were 9 state officials who are required to prepare LLHKPN, namely the governor, vice governor, head of high madya (echelon I and II officials), financial administration officials (echelon III), Head of Finance (Echelon IV), Chief Financial West Java Provincial Officer, Auditor, Directors / Commissioners of Regional Entreprises both local and province and other officials which is determined by KPK. The nine officials of the state is obliged to submit LHKPN, said the Governor.

    If there is a winner in the open recruitment of officials then LHKPN will be consideration. "So if that win was not yet submitted LHKPN, then the determination will be taken into consideration, said Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    According to the Governor that no one is ever good, he would experienced an error. But it is a good person when he make a mistake then realized his mistake. Therefore the need of preventing amongst persons, mutual counsel and to warn, said the Governor.

    Governor wished we could build a system of good governance which everything is difficult to manipulate, therefore, one of which we build a system of government based on computerized or information technology system, added the Governor

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