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    10 Steps to Prevent Health Status Decline


    BANDUNG-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan introduces 10 simple steps that everyone can do to help in maintaining the health not only himself but also his family.

    "At least with 10 steps people can detect his health status, "he said while filling Health Campaign organized Aisyiyah of West Java that works with West Java Provincial Health Office in Talkshow About TB-HIV in the Hall of Mujahidin, Bandung, on Tuesday (12/13/16).

    Netty said 10 simple steps that can prevent a number of diseases potentially lowering the level of public health such as fever until Tuber Culosis or TB. Ten steps are doing physical activity every day, do not smoke in the house, eating fruit and vegetables every day, combating larvae at home, using healthy latrines, washing hands with soap and water, using clean water, weighing babies and toddlers every month, giving the baby breast milk exclusively and birthing assisted by skilled health personnel.

    Netty said, that 10 steps are nothing but a simple activity that can be done in every household as an implementation for Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBs).

    "It must continue to surge not only in the order of the household. Including in educational institutions, offices, houses of worship and more public places. If this can be done, at least we can continue to improve the quality of people's lives, save health budget, "she said.

    According to Netty, this awareness should be owned by the community to keep every member of the family.

    "As performed by community leaders who have the ability and adequate knowledge to socialize, because our society is still patrialistik, "she said.

    Netty said, talking about the health related to the preventive and promotive efforts to be done in the community. Building simple habits that can at least improve the building and public health status in the midst of the spread of disease threats more alarming because there is no medicine like HIV / Aids.

    "Although the prevalence of HIV is low but nonetheless still threat to buildings and health status in West Java, "she concluded.

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