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    Netty: Art is Able To Be Diplomacy Tool


    BANDUNG-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan said one of the important factors of culture is art. Expressive art is capable of being a tool of diplomacy in West Java and it is existed on Jaipongan.

    The second Pasangiri Sanglingan Bentang Jaipongan Jugala Kingdom 2016 opened by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in AAC Building (Majestic) Braga Bandung, on Tuesday (13.12.16). On this occasion it is also provided an award for Maestro Jaipongan, Gugum Gumilar, which has produced works in Jaipongan dance for 42 years in West Java.

    Therefore, further Netty, we have to think hard how art and this culture to be one way and introduce us to promote culture of West Java. Obviously with the involvement of the community, including elements of art and culture so Jaipongan can be known by people both in Indonesia and abroad.

    "Jaipongan is extraordinarily unique compared with other dance motion, "Netty said.

    Netty hopes when it can package art and culture which is attached to official state activities then it is not surprising will be the second track diplomacy. in addition, this activity is able to be continued by the younger generation which is now occupied by pop culture so that our identity is not will be eroded by era.

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