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    Beware of Fraud Recruitment on Behalf of PT KAI


    BANDUNG-People should be wary of persons on behalf of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) in the recruitment of labor. It was delivered by Public Relations Manager of PT KAI Daop 2 Bandung ILUD Siregar, respond to emerge fraud recruitment information within PT KAI.

    "Yes, there is such a report. So we asked to be alert, " he told reporters at his office, Tuesday (13/12).

    He said the perpetrators to call for victims to take the test, then publish false rapture SK. Though recruitment pattern of PT KAI is done officially and implemented nationally.

    He emphasized that the recruitment is done through the official website rekrut.kereta-api.co.id.

    "There is not collection cost on recruitment or free of charge. So I ask public to be cautious, "he said. jo

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