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    About 50 thousand Muslims Gather in Gasibu


    BANDUNG-About 50 thousand Muslims who come from various regions in West Java gathered in Gasibu Square, Monday (12/12). This activity is titled "Homeland Adhesives Pesantren".

    They are Muslims gathered in this Gasibu field to implement sholawat and Takbir in connection with Prophet Muhammad's Birthday Commemoration and at once to follow the activities of Darut-Tauhid Pesantren Anniversary lead by Abdullah Gymnasiar (AA Gym).

    Earlier, namely at dawn today, thousands of Muslims are following the Fajr prayer in congregation in the Pusdai mosque which was also attended by the Governor and the Vice Governor of West Java. The dawn prayer in congregation is in addition to the obligation also in an effort to create a  "Subuh prayer congregation at the mosque movement" who has long been initiated by Governor Ahmad Heryawan, particularly to the civilian state apparatus (ASN) in the Government of West Java Province.

    After the morning prayer in congregation precisely at 06.30, they follow hike "One Heart" route around Dipenogoro Street, Cisangkuy Street, Dipenogoro Street and return to Gasibu.

    Exactly at 8.30 am, the entire Muslims who recorded amounted to 50 thousands that gathered in Gasibu for Sholawat and Takbir that led by Aa Gym and simultaneously listen to a speech of Governor Ahmad Heryawan, police chief Tito Karnavian, Commander III / Siliwangi, Herindra, which represent commander who was unable to attend and Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil.

    All the officials of West Java and national was praying sholawat and takbir, as he called upon the Muslims that are present in Gasibu to keep unity and integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. they also invited to make the Prophet Muhammad as an example in various human life and as "rahmatan lil, Alamin".

    Specifically Governor Ahmad Heryawan argues, that "in conjunction with the Republic of Indonesia, pesantren always appears at front in defending the Homeland. "Aher expressed his pride in the presence of pesantren in Indonesia, which according to the pattern of Islamic religious education is the best and become homeland adhesive. Aher greatly appreciate the presence of thousands of Muslims in Gasibu.

    Guided by AaGym, officials were sincerely provide door prize in form of Umrah for pilgrims who attended. Noted, of the Governor Ahmad Heryawan as many as 10 people, from the Chief of Police is also for 10 people, from Commander III / Siliwangi also 10 and the last of the Mayor of Bandung as many as six people. A number of people it was announced at the end of the event by Aa Gym who was acting as moderator of the event.

    The event was initiated by Darut-Tauhid Islamic School was held in the framework of 26th Anniversary and at the same time in order to celebrate the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, ended precisely at 9.30 after previously submitted a short tausyiyah from Kiayi.

    For the success and the success of the event, the organizers provide sanitary facilities, health check-ambulances, snacks distribution along with mineral water for free. According to one officer of snacks divider, Darut Tauhid Pesantren provides thousands box in form of bread for pilgrims who present in the Gasibu.

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