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    West Java Rural Inflation in November Reached 0.49%


    BANDUNG-Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of West Java informed in the Rural area of West Java in November 2016 an inflation of 0.49%.

    From the seven expenditure groups simultaneously experiencing inflation, the highest occurred on Foodstuffs Group in the amount of 0.77%, followed by Food, Beverages, Cigarettes & Tobacco Group 0.41% inflation.

    While the Health Group of inflation of 0.37%, inflation Clothing Group 0.32 %, The Group of Education, Recreation and Sports and the Housing Group experience same inflation at 0.20%, and the Group of Transport & Communications experience inflation of 0.04%.

    In general, West Java inflation in November survey results in seven cities in West Java, reaching 0.55%. Which means more inflation in rural areas lower than the urban areas. jo

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