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    Bandung Citizen Happiness Index is Analyzed


    BANDUNG, Bandung improve especially in building park as a public space for residents. Recovery neighborhood public space is able to enhance the value of Happiness Index Bandung residents.

    Its happiness index rose by 70.6 in 2015. That amount increased 2 points from the previous 68.23 in 2013.

    Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Education Padjadjaran University, Dr.Arry Bainus, M.A., said the step would increase the value of the index need to be coupled with the planting of cultural values.

    "Development of Bandung should also be based on the measurement of Gross National Happiness (GNH), "he said in a Workshop" Measuring the Happiness Community in Pluralistic Society City Development "at the Graduate College of Social Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Friday (9/12).

    There are four pillars of GNH ratings measured in, namely sustainability development, transparency of government, the preservation of cultural values, and conservation of the natural environment. Actually, the implementation of cultural values has been embraced strongly by the people of Indonesia. Dr. Arry said, in the rural area, cultural values still strong held by the society. Thus, there is a possibility that the villagers happier than the urban community.

    "It's less, we do not enter the environment sector, and nativist values, "said Dr. Arry.

    In addition, the government must also be able to increase the sense of society trust, he added. jo

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