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    West Java Allocates Rp 578 Billion for Road and Bridge FY 2017


    BANDUNG-In Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 for the treatment of roads and bridges, West Java provincial government has allocated Rp 808 billion, as well as to support activities amounting to Rp 13.47 billion. In addition, this year also allocated budget of Rp 101.3 Billion for handling Ciletuh Geopark area road.

    When the working visit of the Committee II Indonesia Parliament to West Java Vice Governor West Java Deddy Mizwar also revealed that for 2017, the West Java Provincial Government plans handling budget of Rp 578.821 billion, which is a priority for the maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, drainage work and improvement of the road, improvement and construction of roads, maintenance bridges, and other activities. Meanwhile, to support activities with a budget of Rp 10.42 billion, as well as to the handling of road in the area Geopark Ciletuh Rp 212.5 billion.

    However, on this occasion Vice Governor also proposes several roads that previously under the authority of his government to be taken by Central Government, such as the road to one of the mines in the region of Bogor. When this road was taken by the Central Government it is expected width and quality of roads could be improved, considering the road is often damaged by the big mines cargo transport vehicle.

    "Also on some roads that should be taken over by the Central Government became national road, like in Bogor. mine road is the district Road and Provincial Roads also, if taken to be national road maybe enlarged or improved quality, "please Vice Governor after the event discussion in the framework of the working visit (kunker) House of Representatives Regional Committee II (DPD) at Sanggabuana room Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22 Bandung, Friday (09.12.16).

    Based on the Decree of the Minister of National Road PUPR 2015 in West Java reached 1789.2 km. Provincial road by Decision of Governor (Kepgub) 2016 along 2360.58 km and District / City based on Decision of Governor 2011 which have not been revised along the 32,400 km.

    While in 2015, the level of stability in West Java Provincial Roads already reached 97.80% and this year is expected to be 98.00%, while targets in 2017 to 98.25%. Therefore, although the budget is limited, the West Java provincial government will keep working to make infrastructure that obtain sufficient portion of the budget, especially the provincial government also get additional roads of district / city that will be Provincial Roads.

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