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    Coconut Day, Momentum of Crops Conservation


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government, Friday (9/12) at the west parking of Gedung Sate is commemorating Coconut Day. Along with commemoration activities, it is organized an exhibition that featured food and beverage products that use coconut as raw materials.

    In the exhibition, displayed food and beverage products from other plantation crops such as tea and coffee. Coconut day was officially opened by West Java Secretary, Iwa Karniwa.

    Iwa, in his explanation to reporters after opening the Coconut Day said that through Coconut Day should be a momentum for the preservation of plantation crops, especially oil products.

    "Product of plantation in Indonesia, including West Java, had developed even It had been developed in the early days of independence. However, the current state of this potential has decreased to 40%," said Iwa.

    The decline is caused by various problems, so that through coconut memorial day should be a moment to evaluate and find solutions to maximize the preservation of plantation crops so that plantation products can bounce back, please Iwa.

    "Solutions to improve plantation crops, can be implemented through an increase of plantation production, marketing and legal certainty that resolve land issues," he added. (NR)

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