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    2018, High School/ Vocational School in West Java School has Adiwiyata concept


    BEKASI REGENCY- Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that schools at the level of high school / vocational school that management are in the province should apply the concept of "cultural school environment" (SBL). this SBL is a program of school community development, especially students and teachers to the cleanliness of the school environment becomes a culture.

    It thus stated by vice governor Demiz on the socialization of Citarum Bestari Movement (Clean, Healthy and Beautiful, and Eternal), which was held at PT East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP) Conference Room Floor 2 EJIP Industrial Area Plot 3A, Cisokan street 1 South Cikarang, Bekasi, on Thursday (08.12.16).

    Further Vice Governor, "we want to build a culture of environmental, how the knowledge on the environment can be taught there in order to create a generation that constantly have an awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, " Vice Governor said.

    Vice Governor added that with the implementation of this concept in the school, not necessarily be a matter of learning or school exam materials. he wants students and teachers implement immediately the habit of keeping cleanliness in every activity in the school.

    "Maybe not as test materials but there will be some sort of practice constantly do in school and at their living place (students and teachers), "said Vice Governor.

    Through Citarum Bestari, the provincial government also continues to encourage the various parties mainly related to communities and enterprises around the Citarum in order to keep Citarum with the Movement of five (5) No: Do not cut down trees, Do not dispose of animal waste, Do not dispose household waste, do not waste garbage, do not dispose industrial waste into the river, as well as encouraging companies to use the Wastewater Treatment Plant (Ipal) well.

    "Nonstructural and culturally are our affairs and local government. Including education, so since kid we give the awareness of how cultured environment, this is cultural and it culturally can not stop, we must do all time. And it is usually done by way of example, if previously defecate in the river then their children will also be like that, follow defecate in the river, "said Vice Governor

    Head of the Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD) of West Java Anang Sudarna expresses, through this SBL program he wants to realize the new generation that has insight or cultured environment. he is also targeting the program will be implemented in 2018 in all high school / vocational school in West Java.

    "If all this time Adiwiyata program is selection program, we've proposed to Mr. Governor and Mr. Vice Governor in the future we should be compulsory this (SBL) gradually. Our hope, 2018, or no later than 2019 High School / Vocational School in West Java has been following Wiyata program or school cultured environment, "said Anang in this socialization event.

    The event was held as the West Java provincial government efforts to accelerate Citarum Bestari Movement program (Clean, Healthy and Beautiful, and Eternal). This time the provincial government through the Environment Management Board (BPLHD) of West Java do socialization activities to the district head, village heads, teachers / principals, and leaders in the boarding school of Bekasi Regency.

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