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    Adipura Cup Paraded Around Cimahi


    CIMAHI- Adipura achieved by Cimahi on Monday (23/11) evening by Mayor of Cimahi, Hj. Atty Suharti. These cup was paraded around the streets in Cimahi, Tuesday (24/11).

    Cimahi won Adipura for the fifth time in the category of medium-sized city, in 2009. 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

    Carnival or procession of Adipura released by Mayor Cimahi, Hj. Atty Suharti and Vice Mayor Cimahi, H. Sudiarto in front of Cimahi Government Complex, at 08.00 am.

    The release marked with handover Adipura to two female janitor in Sanitation Department (DKP) Cimahi. It witnessed by government officials of Cimahi.

    "Carnival of Adipura is as form of appreciation and gratitude from Government of Cimahi to community for their participation maintaining the cleanliness in Cimahi," said Mayor of Cimahi, Hj. Atty Suharti.

    Carnival Adipura involve relevant stakeholders and field workers who served their daily activity sweeping, garbage, teenagers in charge of patrolling using bikes keep the cleanliness in Cimahi.

    Carnival of Adipura using four pickups car and four waste carrier vehicles and a number of motor and ten bikes. It was enlivened by the Group Percussion from SMAN 4 Cimahi.

    The carnival route started from Cimahi Government Office Complex then headed towards the east to Pesantren road-Jenderal Amir Machmud road toward Cimindi, to Maharmartanegara, Baros road, Dustira road, Antri Market, Gandawijaya road, Sangkuriang road, Kolonel Masturi road, Jenderal Amir Machmud road, Cihanjuang road then back to Cimahi Government Offices Complex. 

    Based on the observation jabarprov.go.id, community was enthusiastic watching the procession.


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