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    IAI Expands Chartered Accountant


    BANDUNG-Accountant Certificate that is recognized globally will continue to be propagated. Similarly in Indonesia.

    Chairman of IAI West Java Edi Jaenudin mentioned, every year college graduated accountants about 35,000 people. But that is recognized international worldwide not exceed that figure.

    "Those who already has a Carter Accountant certificate (CA) has 22,000 people in Indonesia. Of the 55,000 registered accountants in the country through the finance ministry, "he said.

    Such conditions, he said, puts Indonesia behind the three countries of Asean, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It needs a boost so Indonesia accountants does not lose to compete in the era of the Asean Economic Community (MEA).

    "In Asean level we are still far from Thailand that already certifies more than 60,000 accountants. We are number four to number of certified accountant, "he said.

    IAI itself, he said, continues to encourage accountants to take certificate CA derivation line. Last November there are 2,016 people participate in gebyar CA in Bandung. Namely certification training for free. jo

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