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    Draft Law on the Protection of Domestic Workers Needs To Be A National Legislation Program Priority 2017


    BANDUNG-Draft Law on the Protection of Domestic workers (PRT) needs to be National Legislation Program priority in 2017. PKS faction of Parliament committed to struggle the aspirations of the domestic workers related to draft law discussion in National Legislation Program Priority in the 2017.

    It was as affirmed by the Member of the Legislative Board of the PKS faction, Junaidi Auly, in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (8/12).

    Further Junaidi said the bill on domestic workers should be a priority in National Legislation Program 2017. With the issuance of the regulatory plan to fight, it is an advocacy form in fighting for rights, recognition and about ethical relationship between employers and domestic workers in the form of protection in legislation.

    "Supporting aspiration also many come from people who ask the Law that is governing the protection of domestic workers. From the results of the aspirations, people are demanding more rights, recognition and regulation of working hours even about work ethic, which a lot of these complaints by domestic workers, "he said.

    Junaidi pointed out some problems of domestic workers are about wages far below the local minimum wage (UMR), physical violence, sexual harassment, to work more than a specified time (overtime).

    From the aspirations, it was revealed in 2015 has recorded 228 cases of violence on domestic workers, even a lot of domestic workers' rights are violated by employer, "said Junaidi terminate his explanation. (NR)

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