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    Transfer in Management of High/ Vocational School, West Java Budget 2017 Increases to Rp 32.740 trillion


    BANDUNG-Government of West Java province with the House of Representatives West Java area have passed Local Regulation on West Java State Budget and Expenditure (Budget) for the fiscal year 2017. The signing West Java budget approval in 2017 conducted by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan together with the Chairman of West Java Parliament Ineu Purwadewi time at the Plenary Session of West Java Parliament, Wednesday (12/07) evening.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan said local revenue forecast in the budget 2017 increased by 13.93% from 2016, namely Rp 30 Trillion. Total spending areas for budgeting in 2017 reached Rp 32.429 trillion. It is obtained from the calculation of the estimated revenues coupled with the receipt of financing. Then the overall volume of West Java budget 2017 mounting to Rp 32.740 trillion, an increase of Rp 3,334 Trillion or 11.34% of the pure target budget in 2016 is Rp 29.406 Trillion.

    "Of course this is increased due to additional funding for a number of new civil servants derived from District / City as much as 28 thousand, of course coupled with other financing, "said Heryawan.

    As it is known, began in 2017 transfer in management of high/vocational school in 27 regencies / cities in West Java will be taken over by the provincial government authority. With so, the provincial government will have additional civil servant teachers as many as 28 thousand people.

    "The transfer of this authority resulted in 28 thousand civil servants move to the province, so 2 times more right, the origin of West Java civil servants now 13,400 plus 28 thousand so 41,400 people, "said the Governor.

    According to him, this addition is enough to drain the budget because the budget that disburse from central government only DAU only for salary.

    "Beside salary, They need benefits, there are operational too, we have to create new offices, it will be built seven UPTD, "he said.

    However, the governor is optimistic about the transfer of authority high/vocational school to Education Province in West Java will be getting better.

    In addition to approve the West Java regional budget fiscal year 2017, in this occasion too agreed West Java two draft set into law, namely Regulation on regional appreciation and Youth Services Guidelines. West Java Parliament has also decided to withdraw the draft law Initiative Reserve Fund on the Formation of the election of Governor and Vice Governor of West Java in 2018.

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