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    Bio Farma Achieves Gold PROPER For Third Time


    BANDUNG-For the third time Bio Farma won the highest award in Company Performance Rating Assestment Program (PROPER) Gold from Ministry of Environment, which is presented by the Vice President Jusuf Kalla to the Production Director of Bio Farma Juliman, and witnessed by the Minister of Environment, Siti Nurbaya, housed in Vice Presidential Palace, Jakarta.
    In the release of Bio Farma Public Relations, PROPER Gold is evidence of a continuing effort in the fields of environment, energy efficiency, and the development and successful community development, only 13 companies were able to achieve PROPER gold in 2016 and one of them is Bio Farma. "
    According Juliman, Production Director of Bio Farma "We continue to innovate in various fields, such as resource utilization and energy efficiency  program, mitigating the environmental impact on the companies operational activities, and community empowerment programs is the key to achieve again PROPER Gold for the third time "said Juliman when met after receiving the award.
    R. Herry, Head of the Division of Bio Farma CSR is also attended the ceremony and added "This Year 2016 our featured program is to focus on regional development of Palabuhanratu National Ciletuh Geopark area, even we are as the only industry involved from the beginning in the development of geopark which is in progress to be admitted by UNESCO, it is marked by the receipt of the Biofarma presentation team on  Global Geopark Network at the beginning of October 2016 in the English Riviera Torquay English.
    "We seek to continue to educate people around Ciletuh Geopark and develop communities that previously had activities of illegal miners now they are developed to be tourist attraction eco region"explains Herry.
    This achievement is corporate sustainability implementation testament and the starting-point for larger life science companies implementing an integrated system. (Even)

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