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    Aher: Keep Tolerance Difference


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) ensures diversity in West Java is maintained well after the dissolution of KKR incident in Sabuga Tuesday (12/06/2016) evening.

    Because he said so far the leadership coordination among the provinces of West Java intense enough to do, especially in dealing with the celebration of Christmas and the New Year ahead, in order to ensure the security and comfort of Christian people worship.

    "We regret that something like this happened in the midst of mutual understanding. In West Java, all this time, diversity is maintained well, so we are committed to continue maintaining diversity, "he said in Gedung Pakuan Wednesday (12/07/2016) afternoon.

    "I asked all elements of society in West Java to keep religious tolerance and unity of the Republic of Indonesia, "he added.

    Aher asserted, the coordination process will be intensified after the event. Because, all of the misunderstanding often occur when all parties do not agree to agree together.

    "God willing, our national commitment and our diversity in West Java will always maintain. For that I ask the Religious Harmony City of Bandung Forum, including Bandung city government to immediately collect all details at once to finish its report soon, "he said.

    Aher said, in this situation, it is important to do not disturb the situation. "Fellow children of the nation, should establish mutual understanding so as not to worsen the situation and lead to new problems, "he said.

    "I hope that all the parties do not be provoked by to irresponsible issues which divide the unity and integrity, "he concluded.

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