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    Vice Governor: BUMD with Less Performance Should Be Reformed


    BANDUNG (24/11) - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar asserted that provincially owned company (BUMD) which less good performance should be evaluated or overhauled the directors.

    It was revealed Vice Governor respond to a reporter's question about the evaluation of BUMD in West Java some time ago.

    "It should be viewed objectively, what’s the problem of BUMD itself? Is the lack of capital, human resources is not qualified or other external influences. If known that human resources are less qualified, it can be replaced,” he said. According to him, good BUMD also remain to be evaluated, in order to improve their performance better.

    “BUMD which is considered good in performance, still need to be evaluated to improve its performance better,” he said.

    Vice Governor explained character and areas of BUMD business, there are productive’s BUMD in a short time, but there are also BUMD which productive in the long term, it should be assessed objectively.


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