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    Deep Condolences to Earthquake Victims in Aceh


    BANDUNG-An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale (SR) occurred in Pidie Jaya this morning which resulted in a number of buildings and public facilities damaged. Some buildings collapsed and some streets also cracked. on this condition, the PKS faction of Parliament expressed condolences to the people of Aceh, especially for those who are directly affected by the earthquake.

    It thus disclosed by PKS faction chairman House of Representatives, Jazuli Juwaini, in jabarprov.go.id release received on Wednesday (7/12).

    "Great family of PKS faction of Parliament say a deep sorrow for the victims of Aceh earthquake, may be given patience and ease in handling disasters so not many casualties and soon was able to recover (recovery), " he said.

    Therefore, the government should immediately undertake emergency response with priority to save lives. Priority shelters complete with emergency response needs to be immediately prepared and imported.

    "The shelter complete with doctors, paramedics, medicines, food and drink, blankets and others as well as clothing should certainly be a handling priority. In addition to the heavy equipment that must be brought to open rescue and help access, "advises Jazuli.

    The government is also expected synergistic coordination between government central and local, as well as National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD).

    "Disaster management should be fast and responsive. For that there must be synergic cooperation between central and local governments, as well as between BNPB and BPBDs. Do not throwing the responsibility that the victim rescue priority can be done quickly and effectively, "he added.

    In addition, the PKS faction Parliament also encourage solidarity of humanity to all citizens of the nation to help the earthquake victims in Aceh. and underscore PKS participation in the response to this disaster. Certainly should coordinate with BPBD and local government to be effective and appropriate assistance needs and target.

    "Let us build solidarity, at least we pray for our brothers in Aceh, we have collected donations and we send relief material and personnel according to ability.

    Jazuli is adding to the regional governments throughout Indonesia were encouraged to be vigilant and always ready to perform emergency response because of the threat of disasters occurring in various regions. (NR)

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