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    Provincial Government. Jabar Reveals Multiple Year Development Plan in 2017


    BANDUNG-West Java administration revealed some development plans in the year 2017. The plan is spread across various sectors. It thus, fore in the explanation of the common views of the fractions of the Proposed Budget Revenue and Expenditure (budgets) Year 2017 submitted by Vice Governor of West Java, H. Deddy Mizwar in West Java DPRD plenary session, which took place tuesday (6/12).

    Vice Governor, further explained in 2017, for budget and program as well as activities related to the economic function are quite large. Supporting for economic functions include the development of West Java commodity, fulfillment of seeds, development of centers of production and market access and improving the quality and competitiveness of West Java products.

    "For improved seeds, it will be implemented through the program of revitalization and community development agencies. revitalization traditional market is also allocated, where the provincial government of West Java will prepare standards and guidelines for the revitalization of traditional markets "he said.

    In 2017, infrastructure development is also strengthened. In that year, it has been allocated a budget for the development and management of the irrigation network, marsh, lake, conservation reservoirs, rivers, lakes and other water sources. It is, meant that the infrastructure of water resources and irrigation still work in support of food security programs.

    "For the sports development program, it will be allocated to bonuses for West Java athletes who have given the title of overall champion at PON and Peparnas 2016 "he added.

    Furthermore, said Vice Governor for the improvement of people's welfare program (People's Welfare), it also allocated bufferstock budget. the budget is allocated to provision in anticipating the disaster that occurred in West Java. The budget is allocated on an unexpected expenditure. (NR)

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