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    Aher: Greed is Causing Natural Disasters


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said natural disaster events that often occur today, especially in West Java, due to from the utilization of natural resources so that the nuances of human greed resulted in the destruction of nature.

    "Preserving while utilizing nature both soil and water and also earth contains in a sustainable manner is not prohibited. Prohibited is when utilization with greed and destruction nuances, "said Aher at National Society of Soil and Water Conservation Indonesia Seminar in Bandung, on Tuesday (06/12).

    In addition to the high population pressure, the rampant industry growth that does not pay attention to the environment is also a contributor. one of many number of violations in the area of Citarum river from upstream to downstream.

    "One of the offense in the Citarum area from upstream to downstream is industry and services that they greedily seek for money that is no longer pay attention to the future, "he said.

    Then the volume of motor vehicles continued to rise to a problem that be solved its solution. Pollution from motor vehicles is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases both in addition to land use change Foresty which resulted in damage to the order of the weather. As a result the current weather becomes often erratic so that farmers do not know when to start planting. Even fishermen become unable to go to sea for a living. production was decline and poverty will increase.

    "It happened because of human behavior, because CO2 and other greenhouse gases and excessive methane in our atmosphere, it damages right, "said Aher.

    For that he invites people together to save the land. To bring the food does not have to ruin.

    "Let's save the land, due to bring food should not be damaging. When forest is damaging water then the people are suffering, "said Aher.

    In line with Aher, Director General Watershed Control and Forest Protection Ministry of LHK Hilman Nugroho said the cause of the flood due to the destruction of upstream and unhealthy watershed. Watershed is the land that serves to accommodate rain water to pass through various areas to be thrown into the sea.

    "So if there was a flood one agency can not answer, it became the responsibility of all, "said Hilman.

    The destruction of the watershed and good forest governance should be restored. As flash floods that hit Garut some time ago due to forest management that is not paying more attention on soil and water conservation, public attitudes as well as their land use are not in accordance with the use of space and fields.

    "We'll see how the Darajat watershed area was damaged forest governance less well so it should be restored. How the affected areas in Garut due to forest management is not paying more attention on soil and water conservation, "he explained.

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