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    Vice Governor Demiz: Building Public Awareness For Healthy Living


    SUBANG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar says, in building resilience and family welfare, in addition to strengthen program through Family Plans, it should also be intensified to build public awareness for healthy living. It is important, according to Deddy, in order to welcome the presence of demographic bonus upcoming years 2020 - 2035.

    Therefore continued Deddy, health development which are more oriented on Preventive and Promotive aspects without neglecting Curative-Rehabilitative aspects with the goal of changing behavior or lifestyle each individuals are realized through the Healthy Living Society Movement, need supported together to reduce the cases number of non-communicable disease which its trend that has been increasing since the last five years, and this became a serious threat enough to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of nations.

    It thus stated by vice governor Deddy Mizwar in Subang, Tuesday (6/12) at closing ceremony TNI devotion Family Plans Integrated Health, Military Command III / Siliwangi and declaration of PKK Motion Unity in Local Government yard Subang Regency.

    Further Vice Governor of West Java Province itself, it has been established by the Ministry of Health, as the nine priorities provinces of Indonesia Sehat program with family approach, which refers to the 12 main indicators as markers of a family health status, namely: family planning program; mother deliver at a health facility, the baby gets complete basic immunization, exclusively breastfed for infants, toddlers get growth monitoring, pulmonary tuberculosis patients receive appropriate standards treatment, people with hypertension take medication on a regular basis, mental disorder patients receive treatment and not abandoned, member of family do not smoking, families have already become members of National Health Guarantee (JKN), Family has access to clean water, and family use healthy latrines.

    "Then, through Family Plan PKK Motion Unity Motion 2016, it is expected to awaken active participation of all PKK cadres along with Motekar Kader
    (Family Resilience Motivator) to build a Healthy Life Movement in every individuals, families and communities, including to provide motivation, educate, and advocate families which are vulnerable in warding abuse of narcotics, the spread of HIV-AIDS, human trafficking, as well as to protect women and children from domestic violence. clear Vice Governor Demiz. "

    "This is consistent with the mandate of the Regional Regulation on Implementation of Family Resilience Development in West Java, which is expected to lead in realization of order family that are taft and good quality, "he added.

    Further Deddy, basically population is a basic capital once at dominant factor in development. Therefore, controlling the amount and improving the quality of the population must be a central point in the sustainable development concept.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, in order to realize population growth that are balanced and the qualified, it takes synergistic effort that continuously focused on several main objectives, namely: birth control and reduction in mortality, mobility of the population direction, population quality development in all its dimensions, increased resilience and welfare of families, as well as the preparation and regulation of marriage and pregnancy.

    "Therefore, the Government of West Java Province is very supportive in synergy that has existed so far between the BKKBN, Army, Local Government, and the PKK, in order to unearth and revitalize the program of Family Planning Population and Family Development (KKBK) in West Java, "said Vice Governor Deddy.

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