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    End of The Year, Heavy Transport is Prohibited from Passing Through West Java Roads


    BANDUNG-As was the case in previous years, the atmosphere of the end of the year and entered the turn of the year, the streets were often hit traffic jams. As a precaution, at the end of 2016, heavy transport banned to pass road in West Java.

    It thus expressed by West Java Head of Transportation, Deddy Taufik, in statement to reporters at the Parliament Office in West Java, on Tuesday (6/12).

    "The ban for heavy transport that pass roads is valid from 21 December 2016 to 2 January 2017. The ban itself applies to the entire segment pantura lane road start, middle and southern "he said.

    It is reasonable that the ban on heavy vehicles can not be operating within the time because 15 percent of heavy transport are transporting goods so it is potentially causing traffic density, especially in the holiday atmosphere such as New Year's Eve traffic density can not be avoided.

    "Along with  traffic density anticipation, said Deddy in disasters prone area such as South West Java lanes had been prepared heavy equipment. Anticipation is facilitated by the West Java Department of Highways"he said. (NR)

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