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    Many Companies Do Not Enroll their Employees


    BANDUNG-Health Social Security Agency (BPJS) will continue to disseminate to companies after there are companies that have not registered their employees become participants of BPJS Health.

    According to the Head of Regional Division of West Java BPJS Health, Mohammad Edison, not few companies are deliberately not registering employees to become BPJS Health participants even though these employees have become permanent employees.

    "We continue to advocate them in order to include the entire employees become participants of BPJS because I still see a lot of companies who have not registered their employees with a variety of reasons, "he said.

    Edison hoped, the company management register all employees to become participant of BPJS Health, because it is the right of employees to have health protection.

    "Until the end of September, the level of participation in the West Java for BPJS Health is 67% or 30 million more than the total population of the West Java reached 46 million more, "he said.

    Edison hoped, until the end of 2016 which is currently the only remaining about a month, the achievement of participation could reach 90 percent. "To meet these targets, starting this October BPJS Health do recruitment of National Health Insurance-Indonesia Health Card or JKN-KIS cadres, "he said. (Parno)

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