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    Number of Sundanese Teachers in West Java is 7,001 People


    KUNINGAN-Based on the networking result of Teacher Competency Test (UKG) in West Java there were 7,001.Sundanese teachers, said UPI Sundanese teacher, Apip Rumandani in Congress Sundanese event in Kuningan, November 30 to 2 December 2016.

    Apip, further explained on the number of Sundanese teachers, they are divided into two groups of appropriate academic qualification of teachers and group of teachers whose qualifications do not match.

    For Sundanese teachers that have appropriate academic qualifications, the teacher graduated from the Department of Sundanese UPI /IKIP, Department of Sundanese Literature Padjadjaran University, graduate STKIP and some private universities.

    Meanwhile, from the group of teachers that do not conform with the qualifications academic amounted to 4,995 people. They come from a variety of majors non Sundanese language.

    The wide variety of disciplines who become Sundanese teachers, raises many alternative. First, Sundanese teacher is much in demand by various disciplines.

    The reasons for this could be due to a sense of love and want to develop Sundanese language or so easy to be a Sundanese teacher. Second, a  Sundanese teacher is easiest to follow teacher certification to get professional allowance or many schools that is lack teachers or no Sundanese teacher.

    Whatever background of Sundanese language teacher, said Apip need to build and be protected so that the teaching of Bahasa Sunda is fit with the purpose and meet the expectations. (NR)

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