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    Cikapundung River is Re-Arranged


    BANDUNG-A series of Public Works day of consecrated 2016 at Water Research and Development Center the Ministry of Public Works institutions filled with the arrangement of Cikapundung River region. The arrangement is filled with ecology concept launching in Cikapundung River area.

    This was disclosed by Head of Water Research and Development Center Ministry of Public Works, William Markus Putuhena, in a statement to reporters, Friday afternoon (3/12).

    According to Markus, ecological concepts for structuring a Cikapundung River cooperation between Water Research and Development Center, BBWS Citarum and Alumni ITB 1976 and also Unpar.

    In fact, this concept in its technical implementation also involves public participation to contribute ideas on how the arrangement of Cikapundung in supporting their water source that meet quantity and quality as well as prevent water crisis.

    To bring this community participation, in a series of anniversary of Public Works day of consecrated, competition was held to design ecology concepts for Cikapundung river.

    According to William, acknowledged today Cikapundung River has experienced a change through Cikapundung terrace program. Through the concept of ecology, Cikapundung river besides net from the side of its water resources, there is also a new ecology such as their source of food grown in Cikapundung river area.

    In a series of ecological development of the Citarum River, a month ago has planted various kinds of vegetables. From the process of planting these vegetables, said William in anniversary of Public Works day of consecrated, which took place December 4, 2016, the entire vegetable plants can be planted and can be consumed by the public. (NR)

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