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    Overcome Rancaekek Flood, A Number of Infrastructure Needs to Repair


    BANDUNG-high rainfall in the Bandung area, causing flooding that are quite severe, including Rancaekek area, Bandung regency. From the results of evaluation of the Water Research Development Center Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, (Ministry PUPR) a number of infrastructure needs to be improved.

    It thus, expressed by Head of Water Research Development Center, Ministry PUPR, William Marcus Putuhena, in a statement to reporters, Saturday (3/12).

    "Infrastructure improvements Model is a solution in order to flood does not happen again in Rancaekek. That is, because in the Rancaekek area there is no master plan of drainage development" he said.

    The next reason, many residential areas using waterways in case of heavy rainfall, flooding was inevitable.

    "By considering these conditions, a number of infrastructure improvements must be done either by Regency of Bandung and Sumedang Regency, either drainage and improvement of the spatial utilization of the area " he concluded.

    Another step that must be done, said William normalization River respectively Cikijing River and Cimande River, asked to be realized. (NR)

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