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    71st Public Works Day of Consecrated, West Java Committed to Accelerate Infrastructure Development


    BANDUNG-After becoming Inspector Ceremony on 71st Public Works Day of Consecrated in West Java province level held in Gedung Sate Bandung, Saturday (12/03/2016), Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar hopes, this commemoration can reinforce a commitment to continue to provide services in accelerating economy movement in all regions of West Java.

    Deddy said West Java that has big population in Indonesia and as supporting area of Capital City in the absence of infrastructure development so the proverty will be fast happen.

    "We are committed to continue to provide service in the acceleration of the economy movement, otherwise poverty will take place in West Java, "he said.

    Currently, the provincial government of West Java is boosting some infrastructure development like seven reservoirs, Fast Railways, Cisumdawu Toll, Bocimi Toll and there are seven more toll roads that are still in the design process.

    "Besides power plants also, trains to the south of Banjar to Cijulang then Bandung to Ciwidey and Rancabuaya which divides south and north, this is all our priorities, said Deddy.

    To accelerate the development, he hoped the central government may give authorize local governments to revise the spacial plan especially for strategic projects nationwide.

    "The problem is how to revise the spacial plan, that is why we ask in Regulation specifically it if necessary plus a chapter that governors, regents and mayors have the authority to revise partially, if it is not, it will be taken more time, "he said.

    In commemoration of the 71st Public Works Day Consecrated, the provincial government awarded institutions and individuals who are achievers and high dedicated in the field of Public Works.

    The history of the birth of Hari Bakti PU, starting on 3 December 1945. At that time, Gedung Sate still the offices of the Public Works Department. That afternoon, Dutch colonial armed clustered want to control Gedung Sate, a battle ensued. But thanks to the persistence service and seven Public Works employees named Didi Hardianto, Muchtaruddin, Soehodo, Rio Susilo, Soebengat, Ranu and Soerjono, Gedung Sate can be maintained, even though four of the seven people found dead. Three others until now his body has not been found, the government also made a monument in honor of his services currently stored right in front Gedung Sate.

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