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    Aher Closed Rapimnas AMS in Bali


    BALI-West Java Governor once as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Siliwangi Young Generation (AMS) Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) closed National Leadership Meeting (Rapimnas) held at The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas, Jl. Beach Kuta # 99X Legian, Kuta, Badung, Bali Province, on Friday night (2/12/16).
    On this occasion, Aher said that as a youth organization that exist - not only in West Java but also has expanded into other provinces in Indonesia, the AMS youths should be able to make sense of civil society as a movement of awareness and social development community. Therefore, Aher requested that the AMS youth played a role in social activities that can provide direct benefits to community.
    "AMS is now not only in Bandung and West Java in general, but now in there is also in North Sumatra, Bali, and other provinces. And as well as other social organizations in general, AMS should be part of civil society together with other organizations to build the future of Indonesia, "please Aher in this event, said Aher.
    "There should be continuous cooperation, build and could be a partner and then develop the spirit of civil society, "he added.
    As a civil society organization, the youths are demanded to provide role for the nation and the country for real. in specifically, Aher assess the need for deeper social sensitivity of the youth against social problems that exist today.
    "God willing, in this way, AMS will be close to partners, close with the government and at the same time more and more members of AMS, the regeneration is getting better, more and more. Organizational structure can be present everywhere, so that the affairs of West Java could be a matter of AMS yes, "concluded Aher.
    AMS's National Executive Meeting held from 2 to 3 December 2016. Attendance Participants reached 1,000's of people came from the board of AMS from North Sumatra Province, Riau, Banten, West Java, South Kalimantan, Bali, Jakarta, Jambi, as well as district officials from 25 districts / cities in West java.
    Chief Executive National Coordination Meeting Alfiadi Rully said this Rapimnas held as a vehicle for the consolidation of ams organizations and Wings institutions of AMS. Other than that, at the meeting also discussed the basic thoughts of the organization, as well as to respond any situation or problem that is happening in society.
    "The first, the determination of Organization Regulation (PO) associated infrastructural institutions, institutions gathered at AMS. And the second, establishment of institutions themselves, "said Rully.
    "So now we have AMS Rescue, Pasus Puragabaya, there is Ampar Jagat in Economics Field, then also Pitaloka (AMS women's organizations), "said Rully.

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