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    Rumah Cemara Commemorates World AIDS Day


    BANDUNG-Rumah Cemara cooperates with the United States Embassy (US Embassy) and Next Level, a music and hip hop dance competition manager in the US that is widely known to the Next Level Hip Hop Competition.

    The event was held to coincide with the commemoration of World AIDS Day (HAS) 1 December, at Auditorium RRI Bandung, Diponegoro Street No. 61, Bandung. As much as 60 participants from 13 cities showed their skill on hip hop stage from 17:00 to 22:00. This show is expected to raise public awareness about HIV / AIDS.

    Previously, all participants who appeared on the show were trained in a workshop by four professional lecturers from the US corresponding with types, interests and talents of each. Workshops were held for 10 days at Rumah Cemara, it is divided into four classes, namely DJ with instructor Erica Parpan from San Francisco, Beat Making class trained by Vincent Czekus origin Richmond, whereas Rap training entrusted to George Yamazawa of Los Angeles, and Stringz origin Detroit to teach in the Break Dance class.

    All registered participants from the community living with HIV / AIDS, Drug consumers, street children, as well as the hip-hop community in various cities in Indonesia.

    Next Level is a musical and cultural training program supported by Education and Culture Bureau of United States and managed by the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. They also have conducted similar training in Algeria, Tunisia, Brazil, Croatia and Cuba.

    "The program aims to empower young people through the medium of hip hop music. Rumah Cemara is believed to be a local partner because it is regarded as an organization in Indonesia that works mostly target on young people who have social problems, "said Tri Irwanda, Media Relations AIDS Control Commission (KPA) West Java.

    Chairman of Program Next Level Indonesia event, Rijki Kurniawan, assess these activities are very interesting. Melting pot of people from various backgrounds into scenery that is comfortable to watch. The ambiance was so cheerful for participants, organizers, and staff Rumah Cemara.

    "All of the participants come from different backgrounds such as HIV / AIDS community, drug consumers, and the hip-hop community. Today is real stage for them to show all the ability in front of many spectators, "said Rijki vigorously.

    The event was held in commemoration of World AIDS Day also insert information about HIV / AIDS. In the middle of the show, Rumah Cemara invited visitors to wear a red ribbon while doing mannequin challenge. Trending action is expected to siphon public attention.

    Rumah Cemara plans continue to youth empowerment program through music like this. Some equipment grant from Next Level team will be inventory of Rumah Cemara which can be used by anyone with permission from the responsible party in Rumah Cemara. jo

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