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    BI Deputy Governor from 'Bojong Kenyot'


    BANDUNG-Head of Representative Bank Indonesia West Java Rosmaya Hadi just was elected to be deputy governor, after passing the fit and proper test in Republic of Indonesia Parliament on Thursday (1/12). Rosmaya Hadi was elected after winning the most votes of Parliament members who elected her. Rosmaya Hadi Rosmaya compete with Hendar, earlier Deputy Governor that will be ended his working term. Rosmaya Hadi won 45 votes from the 54 members of the House.

    In her vision and mission Rosmaya Hadi stressed economic development should be understood not just economic growth, but it is sustained efforts in improving and increasing the welfare and independence of the community. "The success of economic development among others mirrored by the good level of human development index (HDI), a low ratio, and small unemployment rate.

    Development does not only pursue economic growth, but must build Indonesia people that are educated, smart, independent and prosperous " she said.

    In his view, Rosmaya Hadi called her vision of mission as' From the Region to Build Indonesia: Promoting the Strong Economy, Inclusive, and Sustainable '. "To respond to these challenges and try to give contribution on the best ideas and implementable so that later when I served as a member of the Board of Governors may provide the best solution to the country through concrete results and not sacrifice and charge of many parties especially community "she said.

    During her time as Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia West Java, Rosmaya Hadi is known sociable, not self-respect, and often talk frankly full of banter. As if she named one area that often she replace the middle of area with the word 'Bojong Kenyot'. The term then became a joke among journalists commonly covered in West Java BI. "Yes, Mrs. Maya was Deputy Governor BI from Bojong Kenyot "joked reporters. Congratulations Mrs. Maya !. (Pun)

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