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    Regional Head Expert Staff in West Java is Requested to Always Update


    BANDUNG-expert staff of Regent and Mayor in West Java were asked to give recent inputs in local governance. Regional Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa said in Coordination Meeting Expert Staff of Regent/ Mayor of West Java, his side emphasized that the expert staff can play a more in the process of local governance.

    "Because of the expert staff presence as we know it is strategic and important in the context of regional governance, "he said in Bandung, Friday (2/12).

    Iwa said the true expert staff, should play or played in providing solicited or unsolicited inputs for local leaders on a variety of things with regard to the regional administration especially related to strategic and actual issues that will affect in smoothness and effectiveness of the regional administration.

    "The thoughts in the form of recommendations and consideration given by expert staff for the head of the region, it will be a material consideration once as a second opinion in making a strategic decision that will be taken by head of the region, "he said.

    Therefore, according to Iwa, the data and information provided regional head expert staff must be up to date and completely reliable. "Consequently, the regional head expert staff must always renew knowledge and keep a close watch of developments, in accordance with areas of expertise to bear, "he said.

    According to legislation changes in regional administration of the Act No. 32/2004 to Law No. 23/2014 on Regional Government, as well as its implementing regulations, such as Government Regulation No. 18/2016 on Regional organization. "Certainly one of which must be observed and anticipated in the implementation by the expert staff of Regional Head, that in its implementation can be run effectively and efficiently, "he concluded. (Even)

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