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    Sharpening Capabilities With Shooting Ranges


    BANDUNG-In maintaining and sharpening the skills of Soldiers, Pendam III / Siliwangi held light weapons firing exercise in Shooting Field Secapa AD Hegarmanah Bandung, Thursday (1/12).

    Shooting is one of the basic capabilities that must and absolutely owned by a soldier of the army that should always be maintained, preserved and improved.

    Kapendam III / Siliwangi Colonel Arh MD. Ariyanto explained that firing light weapons training is a program of activities that are routinely conducted on a quarterly basis in the budget for the purpose of maintaining and sharpening Pendam III / Siliwangi Soldiers in terms of firing small arms.

    This shooting practice followed by all military personnel of Pendam III / Siliwangi using guns made by PT. Pindad namely long-barreled weapons SS-1 V-1 with a prone posture, sitting and standing in a distance of 100 M while Pistol FN. 46 using with a stand within 25 M.

    Before the firing implementation, first it implement activity stages namely preparation of personnel, the members carry out a morning assembly to be held checks and wave division to shoot.

    Kapendam III / SLW emphasises on shooting practice to the attention security factor with material security and safe and secure as well as to the personnel so it declared safe and smooth for practice using weapons and live ammunition when one bit will result in fatal for themselves or others. (Even)

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