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    FSA Sets Activity of PT CSI is Illegal


    BANDUNG-Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Handling Task Force Allegations Against Legal Actions in Sector of Society Fund Raising and Investment Management or investment Alert Task Force has stated that the activity of PT Cakrabuana Sukses Indonesia (PT CSI) is an unlawful activity or illegal.

    So, the public funds that have been collected by PT CSI are the sole of Board of Directors or the management of PT CSI as a beneficiary. public funding compiled by PT CSI did not get a guarantee from any institution.

    Chairman of the Investment Alert Task Force Tongam L. Tobing in a press release stating that two Directors or Management PT CSI are arrested by the Criminal Investigation Police on 25 November 2016 for allegedly has been conducting business activities to collect public funds without appropriate permission in accordance with provisions of Article 59 of Law No. 21 of 2008 concerning Islamic Banking.

    Previous FSA and Investment Vigilant Task Force have repeatedly do dissemination to the public in the regencies / cities of Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka and Kuningan about the activities of PT CSI that allegedly unlawful and illegal.

    "We also remind people of the region through mass media and the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) not to follow the activities of PT CSI, "said Tongam.

    Cirebon Indonesia Ulema Council also has expressed unlawful to PT CSI product because the activities that are not in accordance with Islamic principles.

    "If there are people who feel aggrieved by PT CSI, we expects to immediately report to the local police to do the law enforcement process "he said.

    on PT CSI case, the FSA and the Investment Alert Task Force urge public in order before making an investment to do things as following :
    1. Ensure companies offering these investments have permission from competent authority in accordance with running business activities.
    2. Ensure that parties offering investment products, licensed in offering investment products or registered as a marketer partner.
    3. Ask people especially the debtors and financial services businesses to be vigilant and beware of offers or solicitation from any parties that promises debt repayment.

    "If there are people who know these activities in order to report the matter to the FSA Consumer Services via 1500655 or konsumen@ojk.go.id and waspadainvestasi@ojk.go.id "himbaunya. jo

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