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    West Java Directorate General of State Assets held BMN Award 2016


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, the Regional Office of Directorate General of State Assets (Regional DJKN) West Java held State Property Management Appreciation (BMN Award) in Regional Coordinator of Ministry / Agency and the Form Land State Property Certification Year 2016, at the Auditorium of the West Java State Finance Office, Asia Afrika Street Bandung, Thursday (12/01/2016).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan appreciated the holding of activity that is also intended as a moment of A decade of DJKN commemoration. Aher, West Java Governor familiarly called, is stating that activities such as this award both to be implemented as a trigger achievement.

    "It's nice to give the award means to appreciate those who are already working well, triggering the others to excel, "said Aher.

    At the event, Aher shares their experiences as Regional Head in West Java in managing local assets, which makes West Java Province for five consecutive able to retain the title of Fair Without Exception (WTP) in Fiscal Year 2011-2015.

    "Thank God I was told that the WTP has a lot of supporters, not only assets, but the assets are usually the most decisive because there are many areas fail to get WTP because normally the assets have not been managed well, "he said.

    Governor says his side is committed to maintain regional assets as well as possible, and to improve the quality of financial reporting as possible, while taking into consideration the benefits that is resulting from such efforts.

    Ruled that commitment, Aher said that a number of steps taken in sustaining these achievements, such as regulatory designing, manufacturing applications for the goods and services procurement based on information technology (e-Procurement).

    The governor also said his side has been working on the development of quality and the quantity of Human Resources (HR) in the fields of finance, and asset management. Such as recruiting and send Accountant to get education, or increase quotas of State Civil Apparatus in a related refineries and financial assets field.

    "Well, for the assets, we create a special team to handle the assets, then in field assets is preserved, guarded, and then coordinate with agencies related to certified, then made a system through the application of information technology, recorded electronically so that the arrangement of regional assets is easy to be controlled, "said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Head of the DJKN Regional Office of West Java Nuning Sri Rejeki Wulandari related to awarding activity or awards is saying that the ratings given to the winning agency, granted in accordance with the principle of 3T, namely: Rule of law, administrative orderly, and orderly physical. "Three T's should be attached to one another in the management of state-owned assets, "he said.

    Also in terms of improving the management of state/ region assets is in order to build a reputation as the manager of state assets itself, as efforts to build the country's wealth in every area coordinator.

    "We expect this to be a good momentum going forward that we have a concern, a great concern that the state has assets that should be well managed, and the intent is for the prosperity of society and supporting the country's economy, "said Nuning.

    The BMN Award Recipients:

    -Utilization Category (Regional Coordination by the number of work units to 10): 1. Wiriadinata Airport, 2. Institute of Public Administration, 3. Port Health Office Class II Bandung;
    -Utilization Category (Regional Coordination by the number of work units above 10): 1. West Java Police, 2. West Java National Narcotics Agency, 3. West Java National Land Agency Regional Office;
    -Compliance Reporting Category (Regional Coordination by the number of work units to 10):
    1. Bandung Administrative Court, 2. Research Development Center for Roads & Bridges, 3. Pulp & Paper Center;
    -Category Compliance Reporting (Regional Coordination by the number of work units above 10): 1. West Java DJPb Regional Office, 2. West Java Regional Office of Law and Human Rights, 3. West Java Statistic Center Agency;
    -Continuous Improvement Category: 1. Army Training and Education Commando;

    Appreciation of the Land Office that follows Certification Program Year 2016:
    -Award Recipients: 1. Indramayu Regency Land Office, 2. Bandung Land Office, 3. Garut Regency Land Office;
    -Peer Collaborator: 1. National Land Agency Regional Office of West Java Province.

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