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    The House of Representative Asks Ministry of Education to Prepare Measuring Tools to Substitute National Examination


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the commission X Indonesia Parliament Fikri Faqih assess Ministry of Education should  prepare other measuring tools for mapping and national educational success, after the abolition of the National Examination (UN) discourse by the Minister of Education Muhadjir Effendy.

    It was announced by Fikri in order to maintain the quality of national education. So, do not let the lack of measuring instruments, causing quality of education is declining.

    "In the era before Education Minister, the National Examination is only used as a mapping and success of National Education. If now it wants to delete, then Ministry of Education must think of other measuring devices. This is what we asked for and discussed in a meeting with Ministry of Education, "said Fikri in a press release received by jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (30/11).

    Known in advance, the Education Minister Muhadjir Effendy issued a moratorium (Suspension) National Examination which will start in 2017, namely the implementation of the National Examination in junior high school and high school or equivalent level to be transferred to the provincial government while the primary school level (SD) is given entirely to the district / city governments.

    In addition, the Minister Muhadjir also been expressed that the abolition of the National Examination is only to schools that have a level above integrity value national standards and its academic scores, as many as 30 percent of schools in Indonesia. On this issue, the President Jokowi also this week will hold a cabinet meeting in order to decide together with ministries and stakeholders.

    Therefore, after the cabinet meeting, the Commission X, said Fikri, will immediately call the Minister of Education to discuss together, especially on issues measuring instrument setup of National Examination substitute, before it rolled out in the year 2017.

    "We appreciate the plan. But, the important thing Mr. Minister please just keep throwing discourse without follow-up policies that are measurable. Planners must be mature, so do not make panic educational practitioners. Just because of this the Minister is bullied again, "he said.

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