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    Opening Basa Sunda X Congress, Aher: Language is A Sign


    KUNINGAN REGENCY-West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) of West Java Province, in cooperation with Language and Literature Sunda Institute (LBSS), held Basa Sunda X Congress held in Horison Hotel Tirta Sanita, Kuningan regency, on 30 November to 2 December 2016.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan officially opened the Congress of Basa Sunda X, on Wednesday evening (30/11).

    Governor familiarly called Aher revealed, hope this meeting can produce a deal that became policy in terms of preserving Sundanese language and literature.

    "English as a global language, it is necessary, Indonesian language as unity language, good, then the local language, Sundanese as our identity, we must also preserve, must be balanced its existence, "Reveal Aher.

    That's because the language as an element of local culture is one of contributor to the national cultural wealth. Then from there, its preservation must be maintained.

    Meanwhile, said Aher, Sundanese role as a mother language in West Java today is inferior to the national language. Many of the concerns in society in using Sundanese, among others worried about difficulty in communicating on the association and the progress of time when using local language.

    In fact said Aher, it does not matter if we use another language, either international or national because all have a portion. When to use a global language, the national language and regional languages, each people can place themselves in accordance with their environment.

    "In education, Sundanese Local Content (Mulok) were supposed to be there. Because language is a sign of a region, a sign of a value, a sign of a local wisdom, the Sundanese in West Java region should be there, "said Aher.

    But of course Aher understands some border regions have different language cultures, impure Sunda. As Bekasi Sunda-Betawi and language of Cirebon Sunda-Java, and other areas, with peculiar to each, and its culture and the difference Aher let it to be able to make its own local content in the area.

    Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java Ida Hernida said Basa Sunda X congress itself will discuss various issues related Sundanese language, literature, and literacy with the theme "Merenahkeun Basa jeung Sastra Sunda di Balarea. "(Putting Sundanese language and literature at the audience).

    Furthermore, Ida said that Basa Sunda X Congress is intended to formulate, dig and maintain, Sundanese, especially as mother language. It is also intended as an implementation of the Regional Regulation No. 14 years 2014.

    In addition, the strategy will be drawn up in order to survive how Sundanese and other languages are coexist with the advancement of age.

    As for the sources that will convey the material in this Congress including; Ajip rosidi, West Java Head of Education Department, Yus Rusyana, Hadi AKS, ACEP Zamzam Noor, Darpan, Taufik Faturohman, Nunu Nazaruddin Azhar, Dadan Sutisna, Teddi Muhtadin, Abdullah Mustappa, Opik of Ngejah Community and Dede Kosasih.

    In this Congress, it is done the inauguration of a book collection of Sundanese fiksimini and rumpaka Cianjuran book. Sundanese fiksimini book contains a collection works of Sundanese fiksimini contest winner.

    "Meanwhile, rumpaka Cianjuran book is a Sundanese literature documentation contained in the song lyrics of Cianjuran, "Obviously Head of West Java Tourism and Culture Department Ida Hernida.

    While related to the budget, Ida stated that wholly derived from Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Budget.

    On that occasion, it is also crowned Literature Prize winner Sundanese Language and Literature Institute (LBSS) in 2016, including:
    - "Sarah", the title of Carita Pondok (Carpon) works Hadi AKS;
    - "Awi Rarangan", the title of Sajak by Arom Hidayat;
    - "Urang Sunda Ngababakan", works essays by Aditia Gunawan.

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