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    West Java Economic 2017 in the range of 5.5% - 5.9%


    BANDUNG-Observing the dynamics of the global and national economy, West Java economy growth prospects in 2017 is estimated in the range of 5.5% - 5.9%.

    This was stated by Chief Representative of West Java Bank Indonesia (BI) Rosmaya Hadi in the annual meeting of Bank Indonesia in 2016 with a theme "Optimizing Potential, Strengthening resiliency" in Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (29/11).

    "Although West Java economic growth in year of 2016 is ranged between 5.3% - 5.7% still below its historical, but the show began their recovery in economic performance, particularly in comparison with 2014 and 2015, "he said.

    On the other hand, West Java inflation in 2017 is estimated in the range of 3.5% - 3.9%, or slightly higher than this year.

    Attending in the ceremony were West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. in his speech Aher said West Java is optimistic if economic growth as predicted by Bank Indonesia can reach over 5%.

    "Next year West Java is a lot to build, it will boost the economy of West Java, above the national, "he concluded. jo

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