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    Thousands of People Gather in Gasibu Attending Nusantara Bersatu Ceremony


    BANDUNG-Thousands of people from various elements of society gather in Gasibu to attend Nusantara Bersatu ceremony, Wednesday (30/11).

    Those who attended, consists of: Military / Police, elements of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in West Java Provincial Level, community organizations and youth, high school students, community residents RW in the scope of Bandung City, Bandung Linmas elements, representatives of various religion organizations, a group of mothers teaching and the students of Pondok Pesantren Darrut Tauhid led by AA Gym. Participants bring some attributes of posters and banners that read the message: "NKRI", Islam Love Justice, Islamic Peaceful, Islam was beautiful, We Need Unity, NKRI Off Price, etc.

    Food traders food usually peddle on the streets, at the time gather in front of Gedung Sate Diponegoro Street peddled their food for free. There are about 130 vendors participate and share the food for free.

    leadership elements who are presented: the Governor of West Java, West Java Police chief, military commander III / Siliwangi, Chief Prosecutor, West Java Chairman of Parliament, West Java Head of High Court and leaders of religious organizations (Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Catholicism, Protestantism and Islam).

    Nusantara Bersatu Ceremony Event filled with songs that reminds the importance of maintaining the unity of the Republic of Indonesia, Unity in Diversity, and the State of Indonesia based on Pancasila. One of performances that nuanced song, from Legend Band Koesplus, "Yon Kuswoyo ", with" Archipelago/ Nusantara". Also present legend environmentalists, ie, Abah Iwan, which displays lyrics importance of unity and brotherhood.

    In addition to feature songs, also conducted numerous speeches, including delivered by Governor Ahmad Heryawan and leaders of various organizations of official religions in Indonesia.

    Governor in his speech stressed the importance of maintaining the four pillars of nationality, namely Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and Unity in Diversity.

    "We agreed that the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila was already off price and the final and we will keep it hold ", said Aher.

    Then further Aher that we are proud to be an Indonesian. If called, who are we? the answer is Indonesia. Indonesia, are owned together.

    Indonesia Allah destined to become a unique country, the largest country with the number of languages. "We've got 684 languages, no country have that much. God has made it all the diverse country, but remains one homeland, one language and the state, namely the State of Indonesia, right?

    Other people are very proud of the uniqueness and diversity of Indonesia, then are we proud or not to our country? answered by mass "proud".

    At the end of his speech, Aher invites the masses to be equally read Pancasila as his love of Pancasila. "I am very proud to have West Java community ", concluded Aher.

    After the speech from Governor Ahmad Heryawan, it is delivered a speech by respectively leaders of religious organizations, whose contents are generally invited to maintain the unity and defend the Homeland.

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