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    Contingency Operations Joint Ceremony Anticipate Development of Safe and Order Community


    BANDUNG-Security and order in the society is a dream for the whole community, especially residents in West Java, so there should be an increase in security and vigilance in order to realize a situation that is safe and conducive.

    Contingency operations joint ceremony is to anticipate all form of security vulneability and order that could unsettle for the people in associated with the demonstration which will be held on 2 December 2016.

    Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General YP. Sembiring attended joint ceremony with Military Command III Siliwangi at once an inspection of personnel and representative equipment of Military Command III / Siliwangi incorporated in contingency operations joint ceremony in West Java Police, Tuesday (29/11).

    In this joint ceremony involves elements of military, police, and the relevant agencies in West Java with the aim of checking the readiness of personnel, facilities and infrastructure, perception similarity and readiness ranks of military units and the West Java Police as well as related institutions.

    West Java Police chief Inspector General Drs. Bambang Waskito said, with the military presence, Police and stakeholder in the society would be able to realize kamtibmas that is steady stability and conducive in West Java.

    "Police together military and FKPD has made approaches to community leaders, religious leaders as well as the full potential of existing community for the maintenance of social order conducive situation and for the creation of a sense of safe in the community and protecting human rights, "he added.

    This joint ceremony followed by 1,700 personnel and was attended by Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General YP. Sembiring, Vice Chief of West Java Police, West Java Kabinda, Asops Kasdam III / SLW, Asintel Kasdam III / SLW, Danpomdam III / SLW, Kasatpol PP, Head of Transportation Department and other invitees.

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