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    Military Command 0618 / BS: Archipelago Unity and Love Peace


    BANDUNG-Dandim 0618 / BS Colonel Sugiyono be the guest speaker at an annual analysis and evaluation activities and Brigadier RW Polrestabes Bandung performances in order pacifist Homeland diversity and creating conducive kamtibmas Bandung situations, Monday (28/11).

    Dandim in delivering his presentation, "We should be proud to be a nation of Indonesia, therefore the integrity of the Republic Indonesia must be equally maintained, do not easily provoked and provoked by issues that are not important, just be divide the unity and integrity of the nation, we must be sensitive to hear or see each of nation's problems, there are foreign parties who want to divide our nation, the rainbow will teach us the beauty of difference and broom reminds us to be strong unity, "said the commander.

    In addition to the commander, the Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil, Chief of Bandung Police and Chairman of West Java MUI as well as a speaker and provide exposure to this activity.

    The event which followed by thousand of participants from all element of community comprising from Army, Police and City Government, Military Commander, Chief Police, Chief Police of Unit, Head of region, Babhinkamtibmas, Babinsa, Head and Chairman of RW throughout the city of Bandung.

    The activity carried out in Indonesia Education University (UPI) Gymnasium Building, Setiabudi Street No. 229 Bandung. The activity takes place safe and orderly. (Even)

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