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    Coordination Meeting in Controlling of Local Government Implementation 2016, Internal Minister Emphasizes Three Things


    Jakarta-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar attends the Coordination Meeting in Controlling of Local Government Implementation in the National Level or Wasdanas Coordination Meeting 2016 at Hotel Borobudur, Lapangan Banteng Selatan Street No. 1, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (11.29.16).

    This meeting was held by the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs related to coordination and supervision public policy synergy in 2017, as well as disseminating national strategic policy on supervision. Therefore, the coordination meeting is expected to be a means to unify perceptions and synchronization, as well as supervision policy dissemination to local government implementation.

    Indonesia Minister of Internal Affairs Tjahyo Kumolo in the opening meeting emphasized three important aspects to focus on policy implementation supervision. These three things are summarized in the technical supervision of the implementation of local governance, namely: First, the Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (APIP) should be able to determine whether the oversight of public complaints have an indication of administrative or criminal offense. Second, APIP should be able to prevent bribery and corruption in their respective agencies. Third, APIP must be capable of being "early warning system" prevention-oriented.

    "APIP has been the key in determining whether a report or public complaint indicated a criminal or administrative. APIP also charged to be coordinated with law enforcement authorities or APH in handling of complaints, "said Internal Affairs Minister in his speech that read by the Inspector General of Indonesia Ministry of Internal Affairs Sri Wahyuningsih.

    Further, the Minister of Internal Affairs also explains the various forms of coordination could be done by APIP in cooperation with law enforcement officials. Form of the coordination, namely the provision of information, verification, collecting data and information, the exposure test results in handling reports or complaints or public complaints, as well as other forms of coordination could be adapted to the purposes of the applicable legislation.

    "With the coordination of the handling of public complaints, then it is expected no more uncertainty for the regional administration to perform their respective duties, especially in financial management area, "said Internal Minister.

    "For that, I ask Vice Governor and the provincial inspector to be able to translate the forms of APIP and APH coordination, among others increasing APIP understanding on the basics of Criminal Law Science and Administrative Law Science, increasing the number of special inspections in order the handling of complaints and the coordination meetings APIP implementation together with the police and the local prosecutor to be done periodically, "he explained.

    APIP is also expected to play an important role in the eradication of illegal fees. It has been implemented in the establishment Clean Sweep extortion by the government in accordance with Presidential Decree Number 87 Year 2016 Gazetted President on October 20, 2016 and, where APIP have been tasked to supervise the practice of illegal levies in a government agency.

    In addition, the internal minister also issued instructions of Internal Affairs Minister No. 180/3935 / SJ / 2016 on the supervision of illegal levies in regional government on 24 October 2016. In this instruction all local governments are ordered to stop the practice of illegal payments, make massive socialization against free services extortion and especifically for APIP is requested to supervise the seven (7) areas that have the potential occurrence extortion, namely: licensing, grants and social assistance, employment, education, village funds, public services, and procurement of goods and services.

    "I hope that each inspector can integrate supervision activities with the spirit of extortion and corruption eradication and synergy with clean Sweep extortion task force activities in provincial and district / city level, "said Internal Minister.

    Meanwhile, the third emphasis, APIP is requested to coordinate supervision and should be able to prevent the occurrence of irregularities or early warning system in local governance. Therefore, APIP must design its supervisory activities ranging from planning stage, implementation, up to the stage of accountability. Therefore according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs it needs to be an effective coordination between the regional inspectorate with the object of inspection, as well as between the regional inspectorate with CPC or by the inspectorate general of the ministry / agency.

    "I emphasize this priority control policy can be used as a reference in monitoring implementation of 2017, "said Internal Minister Tjahyo Kumolo.

    Coordination Meeting in Controlling of Local Government Implementation 2016 was attended by 185 participants. They are Vice Governors throughout Indonesia, the Inspector General and the Senior Superintendent ministries and agencies, the Secretary of Internal Affairs Ministry Work Unit of, the First Assosiates High officials in ministry / agency / province, auditor functional officials, common functional officials of the Inspectorate General Indonesia Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Inspector of province in Indonesia, Secretary Inspectorate of Province, as well as the Head of the Planning Division of the Provincial Inspectorate. In addition, there is also the Chairman of the Ombudsman Amzulian Rifai and his staff.

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